Saturday, April 9, 2016

To the Lady in the Woods

By Joe Cunningham
A poem for Ben’s Wedding: April 9th, 2016

I knew your husband since we were young:
We fought the neighbor kids and won,
We ran ice-covered mountains in the sun,
We knew a language known to none;
We were like brothers.
We are like brothers.

We both faced things that no one knows,
I watched him go where no one goes,
I know there was a time he froze,
A while -
From the sorrow of a thousand woes.
He never spoke much about it.
He knows he’s better off without it.

We walked that lonely road
Together. And as we picked our pieces up - the load,
It one day turned for him from winter’s cold,
To a fair summer’s sun, and gold.
For from that moment he told me your name,
I knew he’d never be the same -


You lit an everlasting flame.
His joy and wholeness, yours to blame.

Many happy returns to you both.
Your “brother,”