Tuesday, August 30, 2016

I See You

By Joe Cunningham

I see you.

I know that most people don’t, but I do.

I know that you’re the kind of person that has enough money to become invisible.

I know you’re a lot older than me;
You’ve been around.

Everyday we wake up in the world you’ve helped create.
And everyone sees it, but doesn’t think about it.

You made deals with the “third world”
So now all our shit is made there
By kids.

You know there are more slaves today than when Lincoln was alive.
Because most of them work for you.

You say you care about women,
But you sell everything with sex.

We live in the mirage of a “justice system”
That you have bought.
If your son rapes a girl,
He will not go to jail.
If you embezzle millions,
Neither will you.
But the prisons you profit from are constantly full of minorities who have done much less.

You have 7 DUI’s
But none on your record.
You keep every other drug illegal
Because you don’t know how to make money off it yet.
And they help get people in your prisons.

You’ve already cured cancer
You just make more money off pumping people full of shit that doesn’t work.

You are constantly making new drugs
That we “need”
You pay doctors who prescribe them
Regardless of if they work.
You’ve invested in fast-food
To create more diseases
To sell us your drugs
To “fix” them.
Where are the healthy Happy Meals?
You squashed them.

You create financial “products” that are absolute shit.
While you are safe.
And when it all comes down again
You won’t go to jail.
And we will all pay the difference.

You fix every election,
Based on who will keep you in power.
It’s illegal for independent voters to vote in primaries.
And only those people get in.
You know this.

You molest little kids
When they are old enough to talk about it
Can't. Legally
Because you gave it a "statute of limitations."
What the fuck!

You own the media.

You killed our older brothers
Who died fighting for your oil.
You haven’t built electric cars
Because you can’t make as much money off those.

You have a guy who gets you through every loophole
So you don't pay taxes
While you go visit your only friends
In the Cayman Islands. 

How many countries in South America did you fuck up
And for what reason?

You write the history books
So our kids never learn about what you did to the natives when you got here.
Where are they now?
You piece of fucking shit.

You put your mother in a nursing home.
You have someone in charge of sending her cards.

Your kids all make the varsity team
And go to Ivy Leagues
Or else
You disown them.

You pressure kids into 5 or 6 figures of debt
So they can
Make “the investment”
Of college
When it cost the equivalent of a couple grand a year back in the day.
So they can work for your corporate shit companies
Til they die
To pay it off.
While you borrow money at a fraction of a percent to make more money.

You tell them to get mortgages
So they can be slaves to your banks.
You mail them credit cards
To spend money they don’t have
So you can own them.

You cheat on your trophy wife.
All the goddam time.

You go to church
Every Sunday.

You cured AIDs
But you just want all the gay people to die.
I saw Dallas Buyers.
That’s some real fucked up shit man.

Your Starbucks order takes a few minutes to say.
You have someone else get it for you anyway.

You pay women to have sex with you
One way or another.

You encourage everyone to laugh at anyone who talks like me
And say words like “conspiracy theory.”
You finance TV shows about it.
To underline that mentality as such.

You know where I live.
You listen to all my conversations,
Read all my emails,
Go through my phone.
You watch me in my most intimate moments.
Maybe you'll learn something
You fucking perv.

I know you know me
But I know you too.
I see you.
And I see your shit.

You own all the food companies.
You put shit in our food, and tell the FDA not to tell us.
We literally drink your Kool Aid.
Well I don’t drink Kool Aid.

I’m writing a “if superheroes were real” movie.
And I was trying to think of a bad guy.
For years.
Guess who I thought of in the end?

I found you in your darkness.
It touches me everyday.
But I am a light in your darkness.

You’ve killed more people than any serial killer.
You’re the real bad guy.

I know you killed JFK.
Because he wasn't afraid of you.

Most people are afraid of you.
Most of the other ones end up dead.
Well guess what?
I am not afraid of you.

I know you’re gonna read this
And shit a little into your adult diaper.
My pens are mightier than your swords
And your pens too.
Because I speak the truth
And you run from it.
Well, I was the fastest kid in my class.

I see you motherfucker.
And I see your shit.
And I will not be quiet.

So get ready:
I’m coming for you.


  1. You're nailin' it by tellin' it true. Well paced, brilliant!

  2. You're nailin' it by tellin' it true. Well paced, brilliant!