Sunday, January 17, 2016

And I Never Was the Same Again

By Joe Cunningham

[One of the better poems, written years ago.]

There was a place
Where I have been
Of solid walls
And solemn men,
That took my heart
When it was new
And wrung it out
Until I knew
A world of pain.

So I left that place,
And never was the same again.

Though I hurt inside,
I made new dreams
Of far-off worlds
And noble things;
But met a girl
And fell for her
And burned my dreams
Until I knew
Our love was all in vain.

So I left her,
And never was the same again.

A broken man,
I have my son,
My friends arose,
Especially one –
A new one.
She had hurt like mine
But beauty and strength unlike any other;
And I felt, for once,
A gentle healing rain.

She made me smile inside,
And I never was the same again.